Terms and Conditions
Integrated Construction Digital Delivery (icoDID)

Updated as of 21 Feb 2019

A. General

  • ICODID System policy is displayed on the website and is written in English or in the same language medium as the website. Everyone is encouraged to read and understand this policy.

  • All actions performed under ICODID Systems may be monitored by the ICODID Super Administrator (hereinafter is referred as SA) or by another person on behalf of SA, including as a general means of analyzing & managing the use of ICODID Systems, document creation, file management, electronic communication which are sent to or by the ICODID users (hereinafter is called User), both internally and externally as well as monitoring internet activity (including the sites visited, the content of those sites and the time spent at each site). The user should expect this monitoring to be continuous. The information obtained from the project shall remain as the project property (known as Project Intellectual Property).

  • The User shall note that the information collected, processed, analyzed, stored by the system may be used for further analytical process to enhance the system and shall be done in an appropriate manner in accordance to the requirements stipulated under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, no. 26 of 2012 (PDPA). User shall not have any expectation of privacy for any actions performed using ICODID Systems.

  • The right is reserved for ICODID System Policy to be modified from time to time as and when necessary by means of posting the latest revision at www.icodid.com and such amendments/modifications will be imposed immediately upon posting. Users are encouraged to check regularly at the said website.
  • ICODID Users shall respect confidentiality of the information obtained from and through the ICODID System.

B. Privacy Policy

  • This privacy policy (the “Policy”) applies to the collection, use and disclosure of a User’s personal data arising from goods and/or services offered by the system and from the User registration process. ICODID takes seriously on the data privacy. We do not sell, rent or distribute personal information to or with third parties without the user’s explicit consent.

  • User’s personal data means data about the User that specifically identifies the User or other information that can be used to identify the User (i.e.: name, NRIC number, staff identification, professional registration number, address, contact number, photographs/video images of the User, while User is at activities, etc) and other information specific to the electronic device(s) (i.e.: computer, handphone, tablet, etc) that the User used to access ICODID System. Assurance is given that all the information collected would be used only for the purpose of which it was collected such as for facilitating the respective project processes, for enhancing the ICODID system to provide better services to the User and the like.

  • This Policy applies to ICODID websites, blogs, mobile sites and applications. It does not apply to other websites, blogs, mobile sites and applications that belong to other companies and/or organizations to which ICODID linked. User is advised to carefully review the privacy policies of those respective websites, blogs, mobile sites and applications.

C. Limiting Data Collection

  • The information collected by ICODID System are data provided during registration and/or while using the ICODID System..

D. Accuracy of Data

  • All information reside in ICODID System are accurate to the best effort provided by the System. User shall assess and use the information provided by the System with care. ICODID System shall not be hold responsible for any error information. The User is encouraged to report for such error to SA as soon as practicable.

E. Data Protection

  • ICODID System is equipped with appropriate security safeguards to protect personal data against unauthorised access, misuse, disclosure, copying, alteration, accidental loss or theft. Only authorised personnel have access to ICODID System.

F. ICODID Data Protection Contact

  • Any request and/or queries related to ICODID data protection matters shall be addressed to ICODID Data Protection Officer at support@icodid.com.

  • Any enquiry / feedback / comment / complaint about ICODID System Policy relating to handling of personal data will be assessed in due time. Appropriate measures will be taken to amend the Policy within ICODID System upon further justification of the input received. User is reminded that other policies from websites, blogs, mobile sites and applications that belong to other companies and/or organizations to which ICODID linked shall remain as it is and beyond ICODID’s responsibility.